Monthly Archives: May 2008

Adding additional source folders to your Maven build

May 22, 2008 By
Brian Fox

Occasionally you have a need to add additional source folders to your Maven build, usually when you are generating source via some external method or AntTask. Maven plugins that generate sources are expected to add the source folder automatically, but that’s of little consequence if your generation method is not supported by an existing Maven […]

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m2eclipse Chapter, a Quick Survey of Archetypes (v0.9)

May 20, 2008 By
Tim O'Brien

m2eclipse is more than just a simple plugin, it changes the way you’ll create projects. Specifically, it will allow you to create projects from archetypes without having to type a command-line the size of a paragraph. I just updated the m2eclipse chapter and included more details about the 88 available archetypes in the Maven repository. […]

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