Yearly Archives: 2008

NMaven 0.17 Released at CodePlex

December 10, 2008 By

Last week, I released NMaven 0.17 on its new project site at CodePlex. Features for this release include compiling C# projects, signing assemblies, and multiple archetype support. I originally started NMaven on Sourceforge, and after a number of releases, moved it into Apache incubation. Over the last two years, we had trouble gaining traction at […]

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Efficient Interaction with the Central Maven Repository: Downloading the Nexus Index

Tim O'Brien

The Central Maven repository had some recent bandwidth issues which were related to the Nexus index.  There was a tool (which will remain nameless) which was configured to download the Nexus index at a regular interval of five hours even though this 28 MB file only changes once a week.   This post isn’t an exercise […]

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Maven, Nexus & m2eclipse at Devoxx

December 8, 2008 By
Jason van Zyl

I’m really excited to be heading off to Devoxx! It will be my first time in Belgium and there are some very powerful features in Nexus, m2eclipse, and Maven 3.x excited to demo. I’ll be around from Tuesday to Saturday so if anyone wants to find out about anything Maven/DependencyManagement/Repository related. Some of the things […]

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The next generation of build tools for Eclipse plugins and RCP applications

November 26, 2008 By
Eugene Kuleshov

Build automation has always been considered painful, especially for complex builds. So, it seemed like a good idea to change that and come up with a solution that would be easy to use. I want to introduce you to Tycho, the next generation of Maven plugins and tools for building Eclipse plugins and RCP applications.

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