Monthly Archives: January 2009

Maven Continuous Integration Best Practices

January 15, 2009 By
Brian Fox

Continuous Integration is a development best practice that you need to be using in your process; it is an essential part of an efficient Software Development Lifecycle (SLDC).   If you aren’t using it already, then you should start, now.   The main benefit of Continuous Integration is the ability to flag errors as they are […]

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Version 0.21.0 of Maven Book

January 9, 2009 By
Tim O'Brien

Version 0.21.0 of Maven: The Definitive Guide has been released.   There are no significant content additions to this release.   The biggest change in this release is a slight adjustment to how the book is being published online. Sections are now published as single pages Each Section has a reasonable URL (no sections named ch03s03.html) Pages […]

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