Monthly Archives: March 2009

Maven 2.1.0 Released

March 22, 2009 By
John Casey

We’re pleased to announce the release of Maven 2.1.0. If you’ve been staring longingly at version 2.1.0-M1 for the last few months, but couldn’t quite get up the nerve to try a milestone release, here’s your chance! Version 2.1.0 builds on the unprecedented stability of 2.1.0-M1, fixing the one or two bugs that were found in that release and adding some exciting new features.

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Maven Virtual Versions: Let's Fix this Mess!

March 12, 2009 By

Maven introduced a very useful idea – “virtual” versions: SNAPSHOT, LATEST, RELEASE. While this is an interesting and powerful feature, I’ve found that people still don’t have a firm grasp of how virtual version work and of some of the problems with SNAPSHOT versions. Depending on how you use and/or understand it, this feature can […]

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Installing Nexus on a Solaris Zone

Brian Fox

I recently setup a Nexus Pro instance on a Solaris zone for Apache. The ASF infra team requests documentation for any production instance to assist in maintenance down the road. I captured every step of the process from setting up the users, installing Nexus, hooking it into SMF (Solaris’s inet.d replacement), to configuring mod_proxy and […]

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Repository Management with Nexus Updated for 1.3.0

March 10, 2009 By
Tim O'Brien

The Nexus book has been updated for the Nexus 1.3.0 release. Of particular interest in this update: Mapping External Roles to Nexus Roles Nexus Logging Configuration Selecting Mirrors for Proxy Repositories Configuring Mirrors for Hosted Repositories Installing a Nexus Pro License …and we have a new cover. Read “Repository Management with Nexus” Online, and then […]

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