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Register for webinar "LDAP integration in Nexus Professional"

Register for the fourth monthly webinar, "LDAP integration in Nexus Professional: Technology roadmap" with Brian Demers.

Date: 02 DEC 2009
Time: 10am Pacific Time
Title: LDAP integration in Nexus Professional: Technology roadmap
Speaker: Brian Demers, Software Developer, Sonatype

Summary: Nexus Professional adds a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Authentication realm which provides Nexus with the capability to authenticate users against an LDAP server. In addition to handling authentication, Nexus can be configured to map Nexus roles to LDAP groups. This webinar covers the existing LDAP support in Nexus Professional and includes a technology roadmap for the future development.

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The webinar is free to attend, but a registration is required. Register now.

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