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Browsing Archives and Javadoc: Nexus and m2eclipse

The following video is a demonstration of archive browsing and Javadoc browsing in Nexus Professional 1.5.0. This video also demonstrates the use of m2eclipse to retrieve source and Javadoc JARs from a repository manager.

Highlights of this video demonstration:

Time (M:SS) Note
0:17 Manually downloading an artifact from a Maven repository in a browser.
1:26 Browsing the contents of Google Protocol Buffers JAR in the Google Code proxy repository.
1:45 Browsing Javadoc from the Nexus UI
2:15 Browsing Source
2:46 Browsing Source from m2eclipse
3:15 Browsing Javadoc from m2eclipse
Topics: Nexus Repo Reel Sonatype Says archives Everything Open Source video m2eclipse source javadoc