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Maven 3 Presentation at Devnexus 2010 in Atlanta

Devnexus 2010 is the annual Professional Developer Conference, and is being held in Atlanta on March 8 and 9. Sonatype's Jason van Zyl will be in Atlanta on March 8 to give a presentation on Maven 3 and Next Generation Development Infrastructure. The presentation will cover the future of Maven, Maven 3, the release of m2eclipse 1.0, and the move towards a standardized development stack that includes tools like Maven, Hudson, m2eclipse, and Nexus.

This discussion will focus not only on the tools individually, but how they can work together to create a best practices approach to building and delivering your software in your organization.

For more information on Devnexus 2010 visit the conference website. Devnexus 2010 is sponsored by the Atlanta Java User Group.

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