Nexus Proxy Repositories: Video Walkthrough of Major Features

February 12, 2010 By Tim O'Brien

The following, audio-less demonstration video was used at our booth at Jfokus 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a brief walkthrough of some of the major features of Nexus Proxy repositories. If you are evaluation Nexus, this is a chance to see Nexus UI in action.

Highlights of this demonstration reel:

Time (M:SS) Note
0:30 Browsing a Proxy repository’s Nexus Index – if you’ve configured your Nexus proxy repository to download a remote index, you can use the Browse Index tab to browse the contents of the remote repository.
0:42 Browsing artifact information
0:49 Browsing local storage
1:08 Browsing Artifact Metadata
1:19 Browsing Archive Contents (Nx Pro Only)
1:30 Proxy Repository Configuration screen walkthrough
2:21 Mirror configuration – selection which mirrors to download artifacts from. Nexus downloads security hashes and signatures from the canonical repository.
2:36 Repository Summary information panel
2:45 Browsing a remote repository with the Nexus RRB plugin.