Nexus Scheduled Jobs: Video Walkthrough of Major Features

February 18, 2010 By Tim O'Brien

The following demonstration video was shown in the Sonatype booth at last month’s Jfokus 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. This video provides a quick walkthrough of the major features in Nexus Scheduled Jobs.

Highlights of this demonstration:

Time (M:SS) Note
0:29 Managing Nexus Scheduled Jobs
0:32 Creating a New Scheduled Job
0:58 Configuring Task Settings
1:23 Job Email Notification
1:32 Configuring a Job’s Schedule
1:32 Configuring a Job’s Schedule
1:55 Manual Execution of a Task
2:15 Available Task Types
2:31 Schedule Recurrence Options
2:45 Scheduling a Job using a CRON Expression
2:59 Monthly Scheduling
3:03 Weekly Scheduling
3:13 Daily Scheduling
3:21 Hourly Scheduling
3:31 Task Type: Scheduled Backups
3:39 Task Type: Scheduled Remote Index Downloads
3:49 Task Type: Emptying the Trash
3:57 Task Type: Evicting Unused Proxy Artifacts
4:05 Task Type: Expiring Repository Caches
4:10 Task Type: Publishing Indexes
4:19 Task Type: Purging Nexus Timeline
4:25 Task Type: Rebuilding Maven Metadata
4:29 Task Type: Reindexing Repositories
4:37 Task Type: Removing Snapshots
4:43 Task Type: Synchronizing Shadow Repository
4:49 Task Type: Mirror an Eclipse Update Site