Nexus System Feeds and Log Files: Video Walkthrough of Major Features

February 17, 2010 By Tim O'Brien

The following demonstration video was displayed in the Sonatype booth at last month’s Jfokus 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. This video provides a quick walk through of the System Feed and Log file UI available in Nexus.

Hightlights of this video:

Time (M:SS) Note
0:26 Viewing System Feeds
0:37 Browsing System Changes
0:49 Accessing Nexus RSS Feeds
1:03 Viewing Nexus System Files
1:19 Tailing Log Files from the Nexus UI
1:32 Log4J Configuration
1:38 Latest Version Notification Configuration
1:44 Nexus Server Configuration
2:00 PGP Keyserver Configuration
2:08 Procurement Plugin Configuration
2:14 Security Configuration
2:34 Nexus Server configuration as XML