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Enterprise Development with m2eclipse, Nexus, and Hudson at JAX 2010 in Germany

This week Sonatype's founder, Jason van Zyl, is speaking at JAX 2010 in Germany. Van Zyl is giving two presentations at JAX, including Enterprise Development with m2eclipse, Nexus, and Hudson.

All development organizations eventually converge on a set of tools to reduce costs, lower onboarding time, and leverage knowledge in strong communities to create standard processes. To this end we see in many organizations the emergence of a standard development stack consisting of Maven, M2Eclipse, Nexus & Hudson.

This presentation will discuss the future of Maven and specifically Maven 3.x, the rapidly approaching M2Eclipse 1.0 release, the recent Nexus 1.4 release and roadmap, and emerging tools such as Maven Shell and Polyglot Maven. Sonatype itself leverages this stack on a daily basis and this discussion will focus not only on the tools individually, but how they can work together to create a best practices approach to building and delivering your software in your organization.

JAX is a world-leading comprehensive conference on web and enterprise development. For more information about Sonatype at JAX 2010, visit our event site. For updates on JAX 2010 and Sonatype presentations follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/SonatypeCM

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