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First day impressions of Maven 201

A long time advocate of the open source community, and contributor to the Sonatype's Maven books, Manfred Moser, recently enrolled in our Maven training courses, and has decided to document and share his experiences. First on tap is Maven 201 with Matthew McCullough.

The training started well, when Matt mentioned that he thinks deleting a line of code improves the code you are working on. I totally agree and always found refactoring sessions that remove reams of code especially satisfying.

Manfred then goes on to list his impressions of Maven 201, including the points that really stuck out for him.

It is amazing how much you can theoretically configure the build with profiles and then lock things down with plugin/dependency management and the enforcer plugin – for heavy regulated environments or tight requirements this is ideal.

To follow Manfred's experiences throughout his Maven training courses, go to his blog.

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