Apache Maven 3.0 has landed!

October 8, 2010 By Jason van Zyl

Apache Maven 3.0 has landed, but it’s really just the beginning. The work that Sonatype has done to bring Maven 3.0 to fruition is substantial. It’s been hard, it’s taken a lot of Sonatype’s time and resources, but we’re glad we did the work and we see this as a new beginning for Maven. We will, of course, keep working on Maven but with the release of Maven 3.0 Sonatype will, at least for a little while, turn an eye to Maven’s Eclipse-focused cousins, the Maven Shell, Polyglot Maven, and Hudson.

We have work to do on Tycho to get it fully setup for the parallel IP process at Eclipse, we will soon start a very intensive set of iterations to bring the M2Eclipse core to a 1.0 state, and we have committed within Sonatype to move M2Eclipse to the Eclipse Foundation. The M2Eclipse project at Eclipse has been in suspended animation for a while but we plan to work toward getting M2Eclipse into the release train and have Indigo be the first Eclipse distribution to ship with Maven capabilities. Tycho and M2Eclipse will also be a lot of work, but I think Sonatype has demonstrated that we’re committed to making these projects work and can deliver as we’ve shown with Maven 3.0.

There will be a release fairly soon of the Maven Shell, I will be starting a new phase of work on Polyglot Maven, and I’ll also be talking about concretely what Sonatype plans to do around Hudson — and what we’ve already done. Once we get a few more of the projects we’re working on to a healthy state we will begin the dialog with the community about what features users are looking for in future versions of Maven and related tools.

The Maven community owes a special thanks to Benjamin Bentmann, who has worked consistently and persistently for a long time on Maven 3.0. He has been amazingly responsive in applying fixes for reported issues, and has set the bar very high for the quality of a open source project. We have an enormous number of integration tests and without a doubt, Benjamin really has made this the best version of Maven we’ve ever had. I’d also like to thank Igor Fedorenko who is responsible for Tycho, along with all the changes he made to Maven core to allow its dynamic adaptation, as well as putting in place the performance framework for Maven 3.0. And Maven users can also thank Oliver Lamy for making sure the Maven Site Plugin is compatible with Maven 3.0.

You can download Maven 3.0 now!



[2]: http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/maven/binaries/apache-maven-3.0-bin.tar.gz
[3]: http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/maven/binaries/apache-maven-3.0-bin.zip


  • ChrisGWarp

    Thanks to all.

  • Tetsuo

    The Apache site still points to the beta

  • lukewpatterson

    This moment will be remembered forever in humankind’s history. Keep up the good work!

  • http://pcornelissen.myopenid.com/ PCornelissen

    Great to hear that, keep up the good work! Maven is a huge timesaver for me and I don’t wanna start a project without!

  • Paul Merlin

    Congrats !

    Can’t wait for the pom mixins !!!

  • Igor Lino Campista

    Great achievement. Tycho is the strategy of the customer to whom I work for and we were just waiting for the stable release of maven 3.

    Good work!

  • mprasad

    Sonatype’s contribution is excellent, kudos to you guys. All the best for you future release.

  • Wolf Deng

    Thanks to all.

  • http://twitter.com/ar_mt Artem Medeu

    Best news of 2010 :)

    Gread job!

  • http://pedroassuncao.com/ Pedro Assuncao

    Awesome. Good work, guys!

  • Brian Smith

    Congratulations and Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    What Maven 3 brings to us? Torrent based downloads? Use of Google Cache to speed up internet downloads?

  • Shubha

    Congratulations! Thanks for all the work.

  • http://twitter.com/mcmadhan Madhanraj Meignanam

    Cool.. Thanks!

  • Reality

    Ant+Ivy FTW.

  • Pat Podenski

    Maven 3.0 is a big improvement. Thanks for the great efforts from the Maven 3 development team!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UPFHLRQEUNY7CPEPKESLGLPX2Q Dan

    Great Job!

  • Jimmy K.

    I think maven2 was good but far from perfect, but that’s ok. But what about Eclipse suppport? I hope maven3 gets better support than Maven2 with its m2eclipse plugin. To say m2eclipse was garbage would be a ‘massive’ understatement.

  • Dahankzter

    Great work!

    Two questions:

    1. When can I haz polyglot stuff fully supported instead of the hated xml?

    2. What do I have to do to make the -T switches bite? I have a beefy cpu with lots of cores and am willing to restructure my projects in almost any way to speed up build times.

  • Dahankzter

    I cant build mvnsh with mvnsh :(

    It uses the bundled maven 3 which is too old. Using the released Maven 3 it works fine.

    I wish you guys would be more community oriented and not maintain the historically bad documentation reputation that maven has always had.

    Comparing the wiki to my other favorite project MongoDB brings it up short and the mailing list has been awfully quite. An active IRC channel would be a great plus where not only questions could be asked but also discussing features and bugs and the lack of thread safe plugins or what not.

    Where I come from Maven is the defacto tool to use but having a live and vibrant community is the way to go to keep it that way and also start to spread into the very conservative enterprise market.

    • Foobardude

      You can start contributing to the wiki as well :)

      Once you get a build going, you usually don’t regularly contribute to the wiki because you have to work on your project.

      MongoDB is still new and requires a lot more care and feeding. These developers who use it have to do so every day, so of course you’ll see a lot more people working on it.

      I’ll say, none of my websites ever crashed because of maven messing up. I can’t say the same for MongoDB.

      I’d like to see an IRC channel too, but you’d also have to find people willing to help with people creating their internal builds – that’s never easy because every configuration and deployment for ANY application at this complexity level is nearly unique.

      My point is: with OSS it’s easy to get involved. Maven does have an active mailing list as well. :)

  • Viraf Karai

    This is wonderful news. I hope that IntelliJ IDEA, my favorite IDE offers support for Maven 3 soon. Projects that don’t use Maven’s disciplined structure are awful to look at and work on. I sincerely hope that the entire Java community embraces Maven so we have one standard for builds and project management. All the best to you folks! Your efforts are deeply appreciated by the Java community.

  • PB

    Great news. By the way, here is a comment from your entry.

    “We will, of course, keep working on Maven but with the release of Maven 3.0 Sonatype will, at least for a little while, turn an eye to Maven’s Eclipse-focused cousins, the Maven Shell, Polyglot Maven, and Hudson.”

    Did you mean to say that “… for the time being you will turn a *blind* eye…”? I am assuming so. But just wanted to confirm.

  • Daniel Serodio

    Where’s the “what’s new” for Maven 3?

  • Jonkos2

    Big fan of Maven and ready to try 3.0. How soon can we expect an update to m2eclipse that embeds the official 3.0 release?