m2e 0.12 release and the future of m2e

November 29, 2010 By Pascal

Sonatype recently announced the availability of m2eclipse 0.12.  This release includes support for Maven 3.0 and many improvements in the HTTP transport code. This should be the last release made available from the Sonatype servers.  But not to worry, we are not stopping the development. In fact, quite conversely, we are ramping up our efforts on the m2eclipse core and moving m2e to the Eclipse foundation.

At this point, the move has not been completed as we are still working with the Eclipse IP team to get all our code and dependencies reviewed. If all goes well, we are hoping to have everything moved to the Eclipse Foundation by mid-December. In the meantime the development is still happening on github but under the new org.eclipse.m2e name-space. We will keep you posted when the code has been completed moved.

  • Chris

    m2e will be transferred to eclipse.org? I’m not quite sure if these are good news. Take the VisualEditor as a bad example… It died after been transferred to eclipse…

    • http://twitter.com/prapicault Pascal Rapicault

      Failures to move a project at Eclipse has nothing to do with the actual move to Eclipse but from the disengagement of the initial contributors from the project. In the case of m2e, Sonatype is still fully committed to the project and I do not see a similar thing happening.

  • Marek

    And what about the new m2e extras? The set of features in extras is much smaller than in 0.12. What happene to them? Is subclipse integration still supported in 0.12?

    • http://twitter.com/prapicault Pascal Rapicault

      For now m2e extras is staying on the Sonatype github. Subclipse support will be replaced with equivalent Subversive support to better align with what goes on at Eclipse.

  • Jon

    Re subclipse: hear, hear. I foolishly updated recently to 0.12 only to face a few hours’ work getting things working again once I discovered that support for Subclipse had been summarily removed. Perhaps a thought to testing in typical use cases would have been useful. As it is, I’m stuck with 0.10.2, or whatever it ended up being.

    • http://twitter.com/prapicault Pascal Rapicault

      It was a conscious (though unfortunate) decision because we did not have the man power to do this and still deliver 0.12 in a timely manner. Something will be done in the coming weeks, though this may only be done on top of 0.13 which will be in the eclipse namespace.

      • Jon

        Understood; and thanks for replying. I have trouble understanding the relationship between the available extras, Subversion, and Subclipse/Subversive support: as long as Subclipse users won’t be frozen out, I’ll be happy.

  • Michael

    What is going to happen to the AJDT integration that disappeared several releases ago?

    • http://twitter.com/prapicault Pascal Rapicault

      AJDT has been stale for a while. Sonatype has no plan to work on this. It is up for grab by the community.