Monthly Archives: December 2010

Introducing Sonatype Professional Suite

December 2, 2010 By

Sonatype is pleased to announce the launch of Sonatype Professional, the only integrated development suite for Maven-centric Java development. Sonatype Professional integrates and enhances a range of popular open source technologies to streamline Java software development and is specifically designed to improve both the speed and quality of your Java builds. Sonatype Professional integrates the […]

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m2e at Eclipse: What will this mean for you?

December 1, 2010 By

As previously mentioned we are in the process of moving m2e to the Eclipse Foundation.  Currently we are going over the implications of this move from an end-user perspective and an m2e extension developer’s perspective. From an end-user perspective this means a wider availability of m2eclipse, but more importantly it means an alignment of m2e […]

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