Monthly Archives: January 2011

Maven training dates added in February

January 15, 2011 By

Due to incredible demand for Sonatype’s Maven training courses, we have added an additional training date to the February schedule. On February 22, 2011 we will be holding an extra session of Maven 101: Maven Mechanics. This course is the premier Java developer training course. It covers Maven installation and configuration, explains the motivation behind […]

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Minor Update to the m2eclipse Book (Edition 1.2)

Tim O'Brien

At Sonatype, our books are constantly evolving and we’re planning on some big changes in the m2eclipse book over the next few months including new information about how to use m2eclipse in concert with our other product offerings Nexus and Matrix. Today, a much smaller change: announcing a very minor update to the Sonatype m2eclipse […]

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How to sign up for Sonatype's book announcements

January 14, 2011 By
Tim O'Brien

Sonatype’s documentation effort is an important component of our outreach to the community. We maintain the canonical reference for Maven, Nexus, and m2eclipse, making it easier for people to enter into the Maven ecosystem. While we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from people over the past few years, we’ve also heard a common complaint: […]

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Maven How-To: Merging Plugin Configuration in Complex Projects

January 12, 2011 By
Bentmann Benjamin

In projects with many parent POMs, profiles, and plugin management sections, one can easily end up in a situation where the effective configuration for a plugin is the result of merging many configuration blocks from the various POM sources together. Not knowing the details of this merge process naturally leads to some confusion about why […]

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