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Everything you need to know about Maven Mechanics

Next week Sonatype is holding a training course on Maven Mechanics. There are still a few seats left, so it's not too late to register! Maven Mechanics is the perfect course for anyone looking to learn more about Maven installation and configuration.

You will leave this Maven tutorial equipped with a full understanding of the Maven Project Object Model (POM) and a firm grasp of the underlying fundamentals of this development kit including:

  • The Maven lifecycle
  • Maven plugins and goals
  • Multi-module Maven projects
  • The contents of the Project Object Model (POM)

Training course info:

Sonatype training is suited for teams of all skill levels. Whether you are just adopting Maven in your development infrastructure or have been using it for a while, you will benefit from having your team trained by Sonatype experts.

Core Maven contributors working at Sonatype carefully design our curriculum to cover topics from Maven basics to advanced development infrastructure design. To learn more about Sonatype training, click here.

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