Where is m2eclipse?

June 28, 2011 By hloney

Last week saw the release of Eclipse Indigo, which is the annual release of Eclipse projects. This year 62 projects were included in the release, including m2eclipse from Sonatype. However, since Indigo’s release there have been some questions as to where users can find m2eclipse.

Sonatype software developer Pascal Rapicault recently answered those questions on his blog, and we’re passing the information on to you.

Helpful links:

Where can you download m2e from?
Why does m2e not ship in the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers package?

At the time we made the decision regarding where to include m2e, the future of the m2e/WTP integration was uncertain. However, since then the situation has changed, with Fred Bricon being hired by JBoss in order to focus on this piece of technology.
In the meantime, Pascal has opened an enhancement request to get m2e added to the JEE package.
  • Joseph

    I pray for no m2e/WTP integration … WTP is something that shouldn’t have been created in the first place. Even monkey can deploy a war, start / shutdown and setup servlet containers and the major app servers. And if not, WTP just prevents it to be able to … It forces people on the other hand to deal with its idiosyncrasies and restrictions …. Please, avoid WTP integration… 

    • http://www.discursive.com Tim O’Brien

      I don’t know about your comment. Some people find WTP very useful. I don’t particularly care for it myself, but statements like “Even monkey can deploy a war” seem a little unfair to monkeys. I’m sure someone out there is using WTP profitably, and it is our intention to try to serve everyone as best we can.

      That being said, Sonatype doesn’t directly support m2eclipse WTP integration, but some of our external partners do. Fred Bricon has been spending a good amount of effort on m2eclipse WTP integration and we really do value and welcome his effort and involvement.

      For more information about WTP integration, go check out the m2eclipse-wtp github project: https://github.com/sonatype/m2eclipse-wtp

      • Joseph

        I didn’t mean to be offensive by that, that’s why I added :

        ” And if not, WTP just prevents it to be able to ”

        From my experience over many years, WTP makes beginners not to get dirty with command line and maven / ant / shell scripts where they actually learn how stuff works. Recently I met a java developer using eclipse + WTP for a year or so who didn’t even know what deploying war is about, or what compilation is, didn’t even see a tomcat on file system, and if something went wrong………WTF, this dude is practically doomed when he gets onto a bigger project where WTP is just not enough and he’d have to deal with the real thing….

        As to professionals, I just find it redundant …  I don’t see WTP speeding up dev process and I just notice of people having headaches solving problems under WTP hood that are hardly solvable. If you don’t use it, you immediately know what/where is the problem, unlike with WTP.

        For WTP’s defence, what it is trying to do is very hard to implement to work well and satisfy the expectations.

        Anyway, thumbs up to you guys with m2eclipse, it helps me a lot.

        • http://www.discursive.com Tim O’Brien

          No worries, I think we probably agree that most people need to dive into these tools on the command-iine to have a complete understanding of the tool. How it works, how everything is wired together. Working with Java developers that don’t understand what a container is because the tool provided too much isolation is frustrating.