Browse Repos Easily with Updated Maven Central Search

July 17, 2011 By Joel Orlina

We’ve rolled out an update to  Maven Central Search that makes the tool easier to use and fixes a handful of minor bugs.


  • Browser bar image 1

    Access the browser bar by selecting the edit icon

    Browser bar edit 2

    Type your search into the browser bar and select OK

    Browse quickly to artifact directories when you know the path. The new browser bar text box lets you browse the repository in Central Search in almost the same way you browse with your web browser. Just type a path into the browser bar text box and you’ll be taken right to the artifact directory.Accessing the browser bar is easy –select the edit icon (which looks like a pen) next to the repository path in the Browse view and the repository path will be replaced with the browser bartext box.

  • Classname search is more flexible.  You can paste in a path to a source file (e.g., org/apache/coyote/ajp/ or to a class file (e.g, org/apache/coyote/ajp/AjpAprProcessor.class), and Central Search will construct a fully-qualified classname search from it.
  • Multi-page results are easier to browse.  When search results run longer than your browser window, you can navigate from page to page without scrolling back to the top of the page as was previously required.
  • Browse view performance is improved.  Long pages in the Browse view of the repository are now cached.  This improves responsiveness when  viewing the root directory of the Browse view (as well as the org, com, and net directories)..

Bug Fixes

  • POM Viewer in Artifact Details creates links correctly. The last version of Central Search would incorrectly pull extra characters into the links it dynamically created from URLs contained in the POM elements.
  • SHA1 checksum search is now case-insensitive. You can now use either lower- or mixed-case entries, not just uppercase as was previously required. .
  • POMs open correctly in Google Chrome.  Prior to this release, clicking on a link to a POM (or other text artifact) would result in a file download.
  • Multi-page version sorting. The sorting of artifact versions now works properly when the version listing spans multiple pages.
  • Downloads all types of classifiers. Classifiers with a tar.gz or tar.bz2 extensions (among others) now download correctly instead of returning an artifact not found error.
  • 0x4C4A0A46

    There seems to be a bug. When I do a search that returns zero results, the pagination mechanism still reports multiple pages. Bad. Here’s an example:

    • sonatype

      It doesn’t show up on the direct link, but the bug shows up after you
      perform a successful search. It looks like it preserves the number of
      result pages from a previous search. Thanks for reporting the bug.