“There’s no analog to a repository manager in .NET. Until now.”

March 9, 2012 By Tim O'Brien

John K. Waters from VisualStudio magazine wrote a piece about the .NET support recently released with Nexus 2.0. Read it online. Many of our existing customers have told us that development is becoming increasingly heterogeneous with Java and .NET forming the bulk of most enterprise development efforts. With Nexus you have a single place to integrate: a single place to publish artifacts and consume OSS.

Here’s the key quote from Brian Fox:

“The .NET world is kind of where the Java world was five years ago,” said Brian Fox, Sonatype’s vice president of engineering. “It’s just discovering the importance of a centralized management facility for sharing binary components. There is no great solution for sharing .NET components out there right now. Developers share them via source control systems or file systems, but there’s no analog to a repository manager in .NET. Until now.”

To learn more about Nexus Pro 2.0, visit http://www.sonatype.com/nexus.

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