m2e 1.1 Released with Eclipse Juno. Go get it.

June 29, 2012 By ifedorenko

m2e 1.1 has been released as part of Eclipse Juno release this week. If you haven’t heard about Eclipse Juno, you should take a look. Eclipse 4.2 IDE for Java Developers includes m2e by default. If you use Maven and Nexus, download Eclipse 4.2 today.

Noteworthy in this version:

  • A new embedded Maven runtime based on the
    latest released Maven version 3.0.4,
  • Significantly improved “convert to
    maven project” implementation
  • ….and many other fixes and improvements. You can find complete list of changes in this release in Eclipse’s Issue Tracker.

m2e 1.1 is already included in “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers” package
available from http://eclipse.org/downloads/ or it can be installed from
the Eclipse Juno release repository. Eclipse 3.7/Indigo users can
install the new version from the m2e release repository

  • Jim Garrison

    I just installed Juno, but Maven/m2e is nowhere to be seen in the UI or installed feature list.  Is there some special step  needed to enable it?

    • joe

      install from eclipse marketplace or software update (under collaboration tools)

    • Paul Aldama

      When I upgraded to Juno from Indigo, I had to import my projects back using Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven Project

  • Brian Munroe

    Funny that it is bundled with IDE for Java Developers, but not J2EE developers! :-)

  • G.F.

    m2e is not shown in the menus on Juno – any idea why ?

  • http://twitter.com/DarthTaco Brandon

    The link provided doesn’t work, “Eclipse 3.7/Indigo users can install the new version from them2e release repository”