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Join Us: Nexus Office Hours – Friday, March 22, 2013 1PM-2PM EDT

March 11, 2013 By
Emily Blades

Wondering what’s new in Nexus? Wishing you had a chance to ask some of our Nexus experts about Nexus best practices? Here’s your chance. We’re pleased to announce that Sonatype will be hosting Nexus Office Hours each month starting in March! Our Nexus experts Brian Fox, Manfred Moser and Rich Seddon will demo the latest […]

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Browsers downed again on first day of Pwn2Own contest

The Vigilant Application Owner

Major browsers, Java hacked on the first day of Pwn2Own 2013.Researchers participating in the first day of  Pwn2Own 2013 discovered security vulnerabilities in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 10 Web browsers, as well as in Java. Source:

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