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7 Assembly Plugin Issues, Closed

Okay, so maybe some of these had been fixed awhile back, and maybe some of them weren't really assembly-plugin bugs (I'm really thinking of one in particular here)...but the fact remains. I was able to close 7 issues in the MASSEMBLY project today. I feel like the assembly plugin has been coming along nicely in the past several weeks, and this is just a particularly visible sign of that. Oh, and in addition to the 7 that were closed, I was able to triage all of the remaining unassigned issues into either 2.2-beta-2, 2.2, or 2.3-beta-1 buckets (except for one very hairy issue that would involve implementation code in maven-wagon, among other places). The closed issues are (drum-roll please):

[UPDATED] Maven Patch Day: 12 patches applied.

I've already applied 6 patches from JIRA today, and I'm still hunting for more to do. Here's the list of issues I've already hit:

Pin the Snapshot Dependency Versions in Your POM

Occasionally, you might want to pin the versions of snapshot dependencies in your pom.xml to the most recent unique version (referenced by timestamp/buildnumber instead of "-SNAPSHOT"). To show how easy it is to do this, I've written a tiny little plugin to accomplish it. You can grab it from here: http://www.commonjava.org/~jdcasey/maven-misc/plugins/snapshot-pin-maven-plugin.zip, or wait a little while, and I'll put it in the mojo sandbox at http://mojo.codehaus.org.