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How to override a plugin's dependency in Maven

Maven 2.0.9 introduced the ability to override a dependency used by a plugin. This is handy when you want to use a newer checkstyle, pmd, etc jar than is included by default in the plugin.

How you go about doing this actually depends on your use case because of an oversight in the Maven 4.0.0 model used by the Maven 2.0.x versions.

If you are using a plugin as a normal build plugin (as opposed to a report) then you will have it bound similar to this:

Maven: Week in Review Episode I

Let us know what you think. (Known issue, the music levels are too high, we'll fix that next week...)

How to share resources across projects in Maven

There are a few ways to share resources across multiple projects or modules:

In this blog I'll show how to do the second option since in my opinion, it is currently the most stable and flexible. In the future, I'll try out the maven-remote-resources-plugin and write up a tutorial.

Writing a Book with Maven: Part I

DISCLAIMER: In this post, I express my own, somewhat controversial, views about Doxia and APT. These are solely my own views and you should not assume that they represent an official statement from Sonatype.

Maven 2.0.9 Released and information about plugin versions.

Maven 2.0.9 was released today. I previously blogged about the changes to the process that will hopefully lead to more stable releases in the future. Today I want to talk about some important changes in the release itself that improve the user experience a bit.

Probably the biggest and most anticipated change is the shift towards specifying default versions for the core set of plugins. Before I go further, lets have a background lesson on how Maven handles the plugins and why this was a pain point for some users.

Sonatype Nexus 1.0.0-beta-2 released

Sonatype Nexus 1.0.0-beta-2 has now been released. A list of the changes can be found here. If you are upgrading from beta-1, be sure to see the new upgrade section in the Nexus chapter of our Maven book.

Quality is not accidental

I've had plenty of opportunities to manage releases of products in my career. As I mentioned in an earlier post, most of them were large mission-critical enterprise applications. Open source projects are different beasts entirely, but they don't have to be. A little bit of Enterprise rigor combined with the vast resources of the community can reap great rewards.

Sonatype's Nexus 1.0-beta-1 Released

After many months of alpha testing we are tickled pink to announce the 1.0-beta-1 release of Nexus. Tamás Cservenák, Brian Fox, Eugene Kuleshov and Justin Richard have been working very hard to bring Maven users something we feel will benefit the whole community. In an unbelievable twist of fate, this might be the first Maven-related project that has documentation with its first releases! We have a website with some information about Nexus which you can find here:

Nexus Repository Manager 1.0.0-beta-1 Released

Nexus is the next generation of the popular Proximity repository manager software for use with Apache Maven. This is the first public release of Nexus, and I believe it marks an important milestone in the practice of building software.

The m2eclipse project proposal at Eclipse: Maven married with Eclipse!

For Maven users interested in Maven integration with Eclipse, you might want to take note of the m2eclipse proposal submitted to Eclipse a couple days ago. This work is being lead by Eugene Kuleshov (also a Subclipse and Mylyn committer). You can discuss the project with Eugene and the rest of the team, in the newly created m2e newsgroup at Eclipse:

Introducing Nexus the Maven Repository Manager

In order to really leverage the power of Maven in an Enterprise environment, you need several things:


Hello. My name is Brian and I'm a Maven developer. You may know me from the community. This is how I got there...