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Maven Book (0.11): Minor Update to the Eclipse Chapter

Another minor release of Maven: The Definitive Guide. This update changes some screenshots in the m2eclipse chapter, and it also adds a section about the Goal selection dialog.

Maven Book (0.10): PDF Download + Eclipse Chapter Update

I've released another version of the Maven Book today. The PDF version is back by popular demand (weighing in about 550 pages), and the Eclipse chapter has been updated. Also, some tweaks to the HTML formatting.

Maven code: How to detect if you have a SNAPSHOT version

I answer this question often enough that I decided to burn it to a blog so I don't have to dig it out of the source anymore...and maybe save someone else the time along the way.

Here is the relevant code that Maven uses to determine if an artifact is a snapshot or not:

The Central Repository is tool agnostic

Gaining a larger user base is usually a goal of most OSS projects and obviously making it easier for users to get and user your project will help to grow that base. That's why I was disappointed to see the following statement from a fellow OSS developer in response to the donation of a pom to get a new artifact added to the repo: "That's great and all, but I don't really care about Maven, nor do I really want to add or maintain a pom.xml in the project. Sorry." Disclaimer: I've never used this project, nor do I know any of the developers, but the statement stands for itself.

Optimal Maven Plugin configuration

Maven has two sections in the pom relating to plugin configuration: project.build.plugins and project.build.pluginManagment.plugins. These two sections are unfortunately often confused and misused.

Adding additional source folders to your Maven build

Occasionally you have a need to add additional source folders to your Maven build, usually when you are generating source via some external method or AntTask. Maven plugins that generate sources are expected to add the source folder automatically, but that's of little consequence if your generation method is not supported by an existing Maven plugin. Fortunately, there is the build-helper-maven-plugin to assist you. The usage page gives plenty of examples. Adding an additional source folder is as simple as:

m2eclipse Chapter, a Quick Survey of Archetypes (v0.9)

m2eclipse is more than just a simple plugin, it changes the way you'll create projects. Specifically, it will allow you to create projects from archetypes without having to type a command-line the size of a paragraph. I just updated the m2eclipse chapter and included more details about the 88 available archetypes in the Maven repository.

Geertjan's Netbeans Maven Post and Synchronicity

Geertjan posted a blog post about Netbeans and the wide array of Maven Archetypes this morning, I posted an almost identical post from an Eclipse perspective. This was an entirely unplanned coincidence, but it is a synchronicity that tells me that the usefulness of the archetype plugin is upon us, and that it is triggered by IDE integration.

Misused Maven terms Defined

When responding to questions on IRC, the Maven Users list, or giving Maven Training, I frequently run into misused terms of the Maven lingo. Here's an attempt to define them "for the record":

Nexus RoadMap and REST API details published

All Nexus functionality is exposed via a RESTful API, the details of this API have been published. This is a work in progress as we continue to add new functionality, but these pages are regularly updated as part of our development process.

MavenBook (Alpha 0.8): Quality Update

We're making a lot of quality updates to the book, this revision of Maven: The Definitive Guide updates the introduction and adds some content to the POM chapter. Have fun reading, and let us know if you have any feedback - book@sonatype.com

MavenBook (Alpha 0.7): Updated the Assemblies Chapter

I've finished a quick production update of John Casey's original Maven Assemblies chapter in Maven: The Definitive Guide. This chapter provides a great deal of information about the Maven Assembly plugin and has some recommendations and best practices. Check it out, and send any feedback to book@sonatype.com.

MavenBook (Alpha 0.6): Properties and Filtering

An update to the MavenBook, a new new reference chapter on properties and resource filtering. The chapter (and the blog post) is short and simple by design, providing a quick overview of the properties available to POM writers and also the start of the Resource Filtering sections.

Nexus Maven Repository Manager 1.0.0-beta-3.1 and Source Released

The Nexus 1.0.0-beta-3.1 release brings several new features and enhancements to the already stable beta-2:

Maven Book Release Alpha 0.4: M2Eclipse, Assemblies

We've released a new version of the Maven Book - version 0.4. Highlights from this release include:

Nexus Maven Repository Indexer Source released

The Nexus Indexer module used by the Nexus Maven Repository manager as well as the M2Eclipse plugin has been released under the EPL v1.0 license.