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Make Your Opinion Known: Tell Us What to Write

Participate in the discussion and tell us what you want us to write. Some ideas we're currently thinking about:

The Register Covers Sonatype's Quest to Conquer the IDE

In Maven and Eclipse strive for Visual Studio 'power', Gavin Clarke of The Register covers Sonatype's bold moves to redefine excellence in the Java IDE market.

Sonatype in the News: Dr. Dobbs Interview

Check out Jason's interview with Dr. Dobbs in which he explains the meaning of the name Sonatype and talks about the effort to bring better Maven integration to Eclipse. Eclipse Ganymede, Maven, and More is an interview with Dr. Dobb's Jonathan Erickson.

MavenBook: Discuss, Suggest, and Report Errors Using Get Satisfaction

We've had great reaction to this book from all over the world, and we've had a lot of people step forward with some great ideas and suggestions. To help channel this energy, we've created a Product page on Get Satisfaction for you to send us feedback, report problems, and ask us questions. This is one step toward the ultimate vision of the book as a foundation for the user community.

MavenBook Now Under Creative Commons 3.0 (BY-ND-NC) - Version 0.12

Version 0.12 is out, it is a dramatic change from Version 0.11, I focused on licensing, online and PDF formatting issues. The book is now officially covered under a Creative Commons3.0 BY-ND-NC license. Check for yourself, this version is easier on the eyes.