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Be a good Maven citizen -- Don't scrape the whole damn central repository!

For the last few nights we have had some particularly bad Maven citizens averaging almost 3000 connections in a 10 minute period. This particular abuser emanates from the Netherlands and this is the first time I have completely blocked an IP permanently from the central repository (I'm sure they will just use another one but it's a start). I've started trying to track down who exactly the IP ( belongs to. I have a pretty good suspicion who it is.

Nexus Maven Repository Manager 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 of the Nexus Maven Repository Manager has been released. Since the previous beta just 2 weeks ago, a decent number of fixes where made including some enhancements to the Nexus Indexer to improve search results for attached artifacts. Some changes where made to the configuration storage to simplify future upgrades, so be sure to view the changes and upgrade notes before upgrading.

Sonatype's Tycho, m2eclipse and Maven: Eclipse Plugin and OSGi development simplified

On the m2eclipse mailing list Alexandre Sauvé asked about the future of Eclipse RCP-based application development with Maven and so Igor Fedorenko, who leads our development on Tycho, responded with a short summary of what we're planning and what's been accomplished so far with Tycho.

Nexus, now on Twitter

If you'd like to get up to the minute Nexus Maven Repository Manager release status and other thoughts, you can follow the project on Twitter:

"Sonatype nexus. The maven repository that's a dream to install and use"

Hard to argue with a happy user...

Nexus Maven Repository Loves JSecurity

Sonatype just released Nexus 1.0-beta-5 where the most significant change was the addition of the RBAC and authentication system based on JSecurity. It's pretty amazing how fast the Nexus team integrated JSecurity. In 4 days we got the first integration done that was working. Yes, 4 days. At the end of our iteration, a week after we started, it was pretty much fully working. After two weeks we were completely done integration and testing JSecurity.

Twitter Box

The time has finally come to twit. Not that anyone would be particularly interested in my brain farts but here you go.

1.0 Beta-5 adds role based security to the Nexus Maven Repository Manager

We are pleased to announce the Beta-5 release of our Nexus Maven Repository Manager. This release brings the much awaited role based security to the popular tool.

Codehaus adds publicly available Nexus Index!

Ben over at Codehaus has created a Nexus repository index for Codehaus that you can use from inside m2eclipse. If you are interested you can learn how to create a Nexus index for your project and join the group of projects that are already providing indices. Why is a Nexus index useful to your users? It means they have immediate access to all your artifacts without having to leave the IDE!