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Good Review of Nexus / Comparison to Artifactory

James Williams blogged a quick comparison of Artifactory to Nexus. He leans toward Nexus, and his post provides a good feature comparison between the two repository managers. Competition is great, and Sonatype really does see the presence of other strong repository managers as a sign of a healthy community. We believe that Nexus is the best option out there, and it is nice to see people notice all the hard work this team has put into making a solid repository manager.

Apache Maven 2.1.0-M1 Released!

Yesterday evening, the Apache Maven project announced the first milestone release of the 2.1.0 (2.1.0-M1 is the actual version name). I highly recommend downloading your copy today, from the Apache Maven website.

Maven does not dictate structure. Maven promotes it!

This is my response a comment on TSS about the structure in Maven projects. We recommend a structure we don't dictate one ...

Atlassian, you should try Nexus

I was researching an indexing bug we've been having with Confluence when I came across this FAQ entry:

Maven users rebel against MyEclipse

Sometimes Maven takes heat for being "opinionated" and wanting you to do things a certain way. Even though it is usually configurable, it's normally easier to go with the flow.

The Maven version shuffle

The Maven project is again pretty active with lots of efforts underway to improve artifact resolution, inheritance and interpolation. The changes have led to a reshuffling of the Maven versions.

How did MyEclipse get their Maven Integration So Wrong?

Eugene and I have been watching with amazement how vocal MyEclipse users have been about their great disappointment with Genuitec's attempt at Maven integration, which amounts to complete mutilation of m2eclipse and the way Maven itself works. Genuitec decided to work in their standard fashion, which is unfortunately not a very collaborative mode of operation, and it's apparent that MyEclipse customers are not happy.