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Maven 3 webinar recording now available

If you missed Sonatype's latest webinar on Maven 3.x: The Evolution of Enterprise Java Build Infrastructures, download the webinar recording here.

Sonatype in Europe next week

Sonatype will be in France and Germany next week, presenting at three separate events: Eclipse Summit Europe 2010, Eclipse Day Paris, and the Ch’ti JUG Meeting. Presentations will cover Maven, Eclipse Build Technologies, and Next Generation Development. Learn how to transform your software development from the experts.

Sonatype's Event Schedule:

Eclipse Summit Europe 2010

Eclipse Summit Europe is taking place in Ludwigsburg, Germany November 2-4, 2010. This conference brings together the community of contributors, adopters, add-in providers, service providers, business and research organizations so they can share their expertise and learn from each other.

Eclipse Summit Europe delivers networking opportunities that lead to synergies in the community, as well as opportunities to give and receive help on specific technical issues.

Event Details:

Event Presentations:

Build Systems Exposed: Strengths & Weaknesses of Build Technologies at Eclipse

  • Speaker: Jason van Zyl
  • Date: November 4, 2010

Maven 3 webinar next week

Sonatype will be hosting a free webinar on Maven 3 next week. Maven 3 is the best version of Maven yet. Maven 3 is faster, has been optimized for IDE use, and is fully backward compatible with Maven 2. Please join us as Jason van Zyl discusses Maven 3, the future of Java Build Infrastructures.

New official Maven Central repository in Europe

Maven Central has become an increasingly important resource for the development community at large. We've put several efforts forward earlier this year to help improve the content quality and to reduce the time required to get artifacts into the repository. These have matured over time and are now automatically validating artifacts. These processes are documented for Maven Projects and 3rd Party Artifacts.

To improve the experience for users in Europe, Sonatype has provisioned a new official repository in the United Kingdom. This is more than a mere mirror of Central, this system is updated in lockstep with the systems here in the US, and is managed and monitored 24x7 by Contegix, the same team watching over the US repositories. The new repository consists of two fully redundant systems running in parallel to provide complete fail-over capacity.

In addition to the new repository, we have taken several steps to improve and further secure Central itself:

Maven 3 offers "better stability and performance"

The Sonatype team is thrilled about the release of Maven 3.0, and it seems we're not the only one. Alex Handy from Software Development Times writes about the not only the improvments and new features that the user will see with Maven 3.0, but also about the changes made behind the scenes that will improve Maven's performance and integration down the line.

Continuous Compilation in FlexMojos

I've got some great information to pass on. One of our open source contributors Joa Ebert contributed some code to enable a very useful feature in FlexMojos 4.0. FlexMojos 4.0 will ship with a new feature for rapid application development and good old Flash experiments.

Register for Hudson Eclipse Integration webinar

Next week Sonatype is hosting a free webinar on Hudson Eclipse Integration with the Sonatype Suite. Register for this highly anticipated webinar today!

Apache Maven 3.0 has landed!

Apache Maven 3.0 has landed, but it's really just the beginning. The work that Sonatype has done to bring Maven 3.0 to fruition is substantial. It's been hard, it's taken a lot of Sonatype's time and resources, but we're glad we did the work and we see this as a new beginning for Maven. We will, of course, keep working on Maven but with the release of Maven 3.0 Sonatype will, at least for a little while, turn an eye to Maven's Eclipse-focused cousins, the Maven Shell, Polyglot Maven, and Hudson.

Sonatype reference books online

If you love Sonatype’s online books, it may be time to update your bookmarks! Sonatype offers online books covering Maven, Nexus Professional, and Developing with Maven and Eclipse. These books are the essential references for anyone working with Apache Maven, repository management, and integrating Maven with Eclipse.

Sonatype books are different.

We publish an updated version of the book each time there has been a change in the product it describes. This means that when you come to Sonatype to download a book on Nexus, Maven, or m2eclipse, you will be getting today’s book, up-to-date with the latest content.

Click your favourite book title for the latest copy:

Sonatype at Eclipse Summit Europe 2010

Sonatype is excited to be a part of Eclipse Summit Europe this November! Sonatype's founder at CTO Jason van Zyl will be presenting on the strengths and weaknesses of build technologies at Eclipse.