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m2e 0.12 release and the future of m2e

Sonatype recently announced the availability of m2eclipse 0.12. This release includes support for Maven 3.0 and many improvements in the HTTP transport code. This should be the last release made available from the Sonatype servers. But not to worry, we are not stopping the development. In fact, quite conversely, we are ramping up our efforts on the m2eclipse core and moving m2e to the Eclipse foundation.

What to do when Nexus returns '401'

Sonatype helps open source projects by providing free Maven repository hosting and Maven central repository sync. There are hundreds of projects using this great service. As a result, I've received many questions from users, and a large amount of them is about '401'. It is sometimes the case that when people try to deploy artifacts into Nexus using Maven, the deployment fails and they receive a 401 error.

The general definition of '401' can be bound at the HTTP RFC. Briefly speaking, a '401' error occurs when the server asks for user authentication but the client can not provide it. In Nexus, this means the Nexus server asks you log in first before doing things like deploying artifacts. So when you get a 401 on deploying artifacts to Nexus, you need to make sure you provide correct credentials.

Here is a check list you can follow:

Nexus functionality and fixes

The latest release of Nexus, has been released. In this blog post you will find some of the new functionality and fixes. Click here to download the latest version of Nexus.

64bit Windows Wrapper Support

JIRA Ticket: https://issues.sonatype.org/browse/NEXUS-3844

We have compiled the 64 bit windows libraries for jsw 3.2.3 and now include them in our distributions of Nexus.

Maven 3 Metadata

JIRA Ticket: https://issues.sonatype.org/browse/NEXUS-3806

Maven 3 generates Maven-metadata with extra content that prior versions of Nexus wouldn't accept. Nexus now handles this metadata change, without complaining.

Also, if you find yourself stuck on an older release of Nexus for some particular reason, you can download this patched jar file to make your Nexus (back to version 1.3.6) work with Maven 3 deployed metadata:


Simply install this jar file in (install-dir)/runtime/app/nexus/lib

Make sure to remove the existing mercury-md-shared-1.0-alpha-6.jar file.

Learn about Continuous Integration with Hudson & Matrix

Continuous Integration is a label for a set of tools and techniques that constantly build and report on the health of your applications, preventing developers from checking in broken code, and allowing your development teams to focus on continual improvement overall code quality. It lets you spot problems early in the development process, before testers or end users discover them and fixes become more costly.

What's in Maven 3.0 for Plugin Authors?

While Maven 3 is a dramatic improvement over Maven 2 from the perspective of performance, extensibility, and architecture, most end-users are motivated by plugins. This has been true about Maven from the beginning, while the framework has value, it is the plugins that make the difference. This blog focuses on the changes that are of interest to plugin authors.

NYJavaSIG monthly meeting this week

The NYJavaSIG will be holding their monthly meeting this week, and Sonatype founder Jason van Zyl is attending to present on Next Generation Development Infrastructure. The NYJavaSIG is a technical community comprised of Java software engineers, Java application designers, technical managers and new media Java developers that have a common interest in all aspects of Java Technology. They currently have over 6,500 members.

Sonatype at Ottawa's Eclipse DemoCamp

On Wednesday night, members of the Sonatype team will be giving presentations on Tycho and Developer Onboarding at the Ottawa Eclipse DemoCamp. We hope to see you there!

Register for Sonatype Professional for Maven and Nexus users

A brand new webinar has been added to the Sonatype schedule: Sonatype Professional for Maven and Nexus users.

Sonatype at NYJavaSIG this week

On Thursday November 18 Sonatype founder Jason van Zyl will be attending the NYJavaSIG Java user group meeting.

Maven: The Complete Reference

Sonatype books are the essential references for anyone working with Apache Maven, repository management, and integrating Maven with Eclipse.

Sonatype's November newsletter now available

Sonatype's November 2010 newsletter is now available in our Resource Center. In this issue we preview upcoming events and webinars, such as the Continuous Integration for the Enterprise event happening this December in Philadelphia, and the Sonatype Professional preview webinar. You can also learn about our upcoming training course, Maven 101 - Maven Mechanics.

Sonatype Professional preview webinar next week

A brand new webinar has been added to the Sonatype schedule: Introduction to Sonatype Professional - Next Generation Development Infrastructure. This webinar introduces you to the soon to be released Sonatype Professional. Register to learn how Sonatype Professional can help you to standardize your environment configuration, establish your team's workflow, increase project transparency and resolve defects faster.

Download the Maven by Example book

Sonatype books are the essential references for anyone working with Apache Maven, repository management, and integrating Maven with Eclipse.