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Tame Your Dependencies With Free Eclipse Plugin

Sonatype recently released a free beta version of the Sonatype Insight Plugin for Eclipse that allows you to more efficiently manage and select Java components. It is part of the Sonatype Insight product line that helps organizations take advantage of open source-based development while improving quality and reducing security and licensing risks.

The Central Repository Is Getting Faster! Are you ready for the new IPs?

We’ve made several improvements to the Central Repository (Maven Central) to support the incredible growth in both the number of components and the number of developers using it. If you use specific IPs to allow access to Central, you’ll need to update your firewall as described below.

Since 2007, Central has been hosted at Contegix in a shared rack with 100mbps data connections to the Internet. We've worked with Contegix to acquire a new dedicated switch that will have a 1gb connection directly to their core routers. The routing to the switches is done at the Layer 3 (IP) level and this means we are moving to a new dedicated ip subnet:

  • ( -

In addition to the network upgrade, we've added an entirely new tool to our belts: Dyn (formerly DynDNS.com) is partnering with us to provide active monitoring, failover and global load balancing along with enterprise DNS services for maven.org via their DynECT Managed DNS solution. DNS resolution time should be noticeably faster as Dyn has DNS servers all around the world.

Central Grows Up - See The History

A few months ago we announced that the US Maven Central server had been moved over to a virtual system.

Browse Repos Easily with Updated Maven Central Search

We’ve rolled out an update to Maven Central Search that makes the tool easier to use and fixes a handful of minor bugs.


  • Browse quickly to artifact directories when you know the path. The new browser bar text box lets you browse the repository in Central Search in almost the same way you browse http://repo1.maven.org with your web browser. Just type a path into the browser bar text box and you’ll be taken right to the artifact directory.Accessing the browser bar is easy –select the edit icon (which looks like a pen) next to the repository path in the Browse view and the repository path will be replaced with the browser bartext box.
  • Classname search is more flexible. You can paste in a path to a source file (e.g., org/apache/coyote/ajp/AjpAprProcessor.java) or to a class file (e.g, org/apache/coyote/ajp/AjpAprProcessor.class), and Central Search will construct a fully-qualified classname search from it.
  • Multi-page results are easier to browse. When search results run longer than your browser window, you can navigate from page to page without scrolling back to the top of the page as was previously required.
  • Browse view performance is improved. Long pages in the Browse view of the repository are now cached. This improves responsiveness when viewing the root directory of the Browse view (as well as the org, com, and net directories)..

The best Maven how-tos from the Sonatype blog

Sonatype is going through the archives and digging up articles that we think would be useful to developers using our tools. If you use Maven, keep reading the post below from Sonatype Vice President of Engineering Brian Fox on Maven best practices and how-tos.


We have a handful of Maven best practice and how-tos documented in the blogs. Over time they get buried by newer posts, but the content is still just as relevant. Learn more about Maven by checking out the following blogs:

(1) Why Putting Repositories in your pom is a bad idea

How to properly manage repository definitions and why you shouldn't declare them in your poms.

(2) Best Practices for Releasing with 3rd Party Snapshot Dependencies

How to most effectively create your own internal release of a snapshot dependency.

(3) Maven Continuous Integration Best Practices

Multiple techniques for running Maven builds from a CI system.

Select better components with the new Eclipse plugin

Sonatype is happy to announce a brand new webinar taking place in July: Select Better Components with New Eclipse Plugin.

Video: Multi-master configuration for Nexus

Some questions about syncing Maven repositories between two sites were recently asked on GetSatisfaction.com.