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Sonatype Blog

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The Nexus 2 Minute Challenge Video Series

In March, Manfred Moser and I introduced the concept of a "Nexus 2 Minute Challenge", where I would ask Manfred to accomplish a specific task in Nexus in less than 2 minutes. The series was an immediate hit with over 1300 views within the first month.

The Sonatype 2014 Engineering Summit

Last week, I joined the Sonatype engineering team at the yearly summit where we got together and discussed the future roadmap for Nexus and CLM, talk with engineers who are doing the hands-on work on the projects and in general got caught up with each other. It's always good to get this kind of face-to-face time with the crew since we're distributed all over the globe.

Are we doing enough to prevent future “bleeding hearts”?

As the HeartBleed bug wreaked havoc on the internet over the past few days, we at Sonatype began thinking about the lessons learned from this recent scare and how, collectively, we can develop a process for mitigating the next major exposure.

DevOps: The Last Great Hope for Application Security?

Once upon a time, there was a great battle between speed and security. Development wanted to go fast. But, security wanted to slow down and be safe.

Code Snippet Scanning: Is it Really Needed Anymore?

Code snippet scanning is a common question we get from prospects. We typically try to dig at why the prospect actually thinks they need snippet matching. We think this comes from mis-informed demand. To create conversation with the masses on this topic, I've shared my perspective so you have a complete picture of the risk and cost of code snippet scanning.

2014 Open Source Development Survey: Making Results Matter

Want to win a programmable LEGO robot? Share your voice in this year’s survey.