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Mark Miller

Recent Posts by Mark Miller:

AppSec EU 2017 Belfast – What to Expect

In mid-May I’ll be joining the organizing team of AppSec EU 2017 in Belfast for a week of security and DevOps sessions. Listen in as Gary Robinson, Michelle Simpson and Owen Pendlebury talk about what’s planned for the week.

An Innovator’s Journey: 8 Interviews

The Innovator’s Journey to DevOps, is a series of interviews profiling individual DevOps practitioners who are transforming the way developers, IT operations, and security professionals collaborate to accelerate software innovation. These are real stories, by real people, explaining real world solutions to large scale DevOps initiatives.

We Lack Building Codes for Building Software Code [VIDEO]

At Josh Corman’s presentation during AppSecEU 2015, he brought up the analogy of buildings codes, those laws and regulations that mandate how architectural buildings are built. It’s the reason earthquakes in some regions of the world are so devastating, while even stronger ones in other areas cause minimal damage.

Nexus, Continuous Delivery and DevOps: Slideshow Gallery

As TheNEXUS Community Project reaches a milestone of membership with over 1600 members, we’re adding another section to the resources for the site: a slideshow gallery that pulls in presentations from around the world that best represent continuous delivery and DevOps methodology.

Nexus Pro Deployment Guidelines

So you’re using Nexus OSS , but you’ve heard about all the cool things you get if you moved to Nexus Professional (e.g., rich component information, managed release process, smart proxy, staging, enterprise level support, control over external artifacts, integration with enterprise security).
Want to get a better idea of how to setup Nexus Pro to take advantage of these features? That’s what the Nexus Professional Deployment Guidelines is for. This free download is made possible through TheNEXUS Community Project .
More details on the deployment guidelines can be found here.If you would like to give Nexus Pro a try, you can find the trial download here

Delivering on a Promise: Free Nexus Training

Our promise to the community was that when we reached 1,000 members we’d publish another series of free training videos. As of today, we have reached 1,061 members with the count growing daily. We are publishing the beginning of a new series on Nexus Pro and Smart Proxy as a thank you to the community for your continuing support. Current members have immediate access to the new series.

TheNexus: A Community Project

With over 42,000 Nexus instances deployed at enterprises around the world, we thought it was time to setup a community based around our products: Nexus and CLM. Earlier this month, we launched the TheNEXUS Community, including exclusive members only content -- where we are already over 700 subscribers!

I am Mark Miller, community advocate at Sonatype for TheNEXUS. Let’s take a quick tour of this already active community:

The Content

The heart of the new community site is the content. We update the content of the site on a daily basis, many times twice a day. The content ranges from DevOps related stories to insights from the Nexus engineering team to “The Q&A Corner”, where we talk about the most interesting topics that show up in the support forum. With the release of Nexus support for NuGet and npm registry support for all, we are featuring “How To…” articles to get you jumpstarted. There is also immediate access to three levels of support: Sonatype Knowledge Base, Nexus on Stack Overflow, and Sonatype Support Bug Tracker.

In short, the content on the site is broad and deep, create to help you to get the most from your use of Nexus and CLM.


A community site wouldn’t be much without a broad range of authors. We’ve got external authors from the community in addition to the internal resources available at Sonatype.

If you have something to share and want to be a featured author on TheNEXUS, let's talk. You can find more details about contributing here.

Members Only

The feature that’s most interesting is the “Members Only” area, which provides exclusive resources for community members. Of the resources, free training from on-demand video galleries is extremely popular. We started off with a 15 part series on the Nexus Staging Suite, which has now grown to 19 modules, with 6 more on the way. The next series which will be made available in the common months will show how popular tools like Ant, Gradle, Hudson and Jenkins can be use with Nexus.

Membership is free. All that we ask is that you let us know what else you would find useful as a resource.


I hope that get you excited and you will consider joining us. Access to the free training is immediate when you become a member. Still not convinced? Here’s a short video that will demo the main features of the site and get you started on your way to becoming a member.

About the Author

Mark Miller is the Senior Storyteller and Community Advocate for TheNEXUS. He spends his days curating community and planning for his next road trip, spreading TheNEXUS goodness.