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Milos Kleint

Recent Posts by Milos Kleint:

Navigation improvements in the m2eclipse XML POM editor

If you use the m2eclipse POM XML editor, you will be interested to know that we've made a number of improvements to the interface. Yesterday, we introduced some addition auto-correct options and automatic integration of the POM XML editor and the Artifact Search dialog. Today, we focus on improved navigation options now available in the m2eclipse POM XML Editor. By making use of the current effective POM, we are able to give you more information right at your fingertips.

The screenshot below shows options that are available to you by hovering over on an expression in the m2eclipse POM XML Editor.

Inserting artifacts in the m2eclipse POM editor

In the upcoming m2eclipse release, we've reworked how inserting artifacts (dependencies, plugins, parents) works in the XML editor. Instead of generating a skeleton template snippet for you to populate with maven coordinates (groupId/artifactId/version) we reuse the Artifact Search dialog. This post is a glimpse into some of the functionality that will be available in the coming weeks.

Instead of expecting a user to supply these artifacts directly in the XML editor, you now have the option to search for an artifact and let m2eclipse take care of the details. We've also made some improvements to the Artifact Search dialog. Screenshots speak as thousands of words though so let's take a look.

Read the rest of this post to learn more about this new way to insert artifact coordinates in a Maven POM using m2eclipse.