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Recent Posts by Pascal:

New in m2e 0.12.1 - Maven 3.0.2, Async HTTP Client

Today we are releasing m2e 0.12.1. Despite our previous announcement that 0.12.0 would be the last version made available from Sonatype, we have decided to cut this point release to make available new versions of the m2e dependencies.

Most notably, this release includes recently released Maven 3.0.2 embedded runtime and an updated version of Async HTTP Client that resolves all known issues reported against m2e 0.12.0, and thus helps make m2e work better in corporate environments.

As usual this version of m2e is made available from the Eclipse Marketplace and from http://m2eclipse.sonatype.org/sites/m2e/.


m2e at Eclipse: What will this mean for you?

As previously mentioned we are in the process of moving m2e to the Eclipse Foundation. Currently we are going over the implications of this move from an end-user perspective and an m2e extension developer's perspective.

m2e 0.12 release and the future of m2e

Sonatype recently announced the availability of m2eclipse 0.12. This release includes support for Maven 3.0 and many improvements in the HTTP transport code. This should be the last release made available from the Sonatype servers. But not to worry, we are not stopping the development. In fact, quite conversely, we are ramping up our efforts on the m2eclipse core and moving m2e to the Eclipse foundation.