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Tim OBrien

Recent Posts by Tim OBrien:

Wait... you don't have a repository manager?

I've seen it all. I really have. The highly paid consultant from a well-known enterprise software vendor who once told me: "I don't need to use an IDE, I do everything in Notepad."... all the way to a client that was convinced the best relational database was the one they built in-house (my reaction: really? you can do better than MySQL or Oracle or Postgres? With one developer? I'd like to see this).

Nexus OSS switched to the Eclipse Public License: A Clarification and an Observation

While I was discussing a particularly tricky Nexus configuration issue with a power user of Nexus last week I suggested that he write and ship a custom plugin with Nexus OSS. His response, "I'm not going to modify Nexus, it is covered under the AGPL?" Before I corrected him to tell him that Nexus 2.0 switched back to the Eclipse Public License back in February I tried to find out what the AGPL meant to this developer. The results were interesting, but before I get into that reaction, I'd like to take this time to make an unmistakable statement for those of you who missed the switch:

Nexus Pro and Nexus OSS 2.0.6 Now Available: Stability and Security Fixes

We're pleased to announce the availability of Nexus Professional 2.0.6. This is our sixth update to Nexus 2.0 since February, and this release includes a number of important bug fixes.

How to Consume and Publish Artifacts with Nexus and Apache Ivy

Yesterday we published a Ivy-specific evaluation guide for Nexus Professional, and today we're diving into the details of how to get Ivy to work with both Nexus OSS and Nexus Pro. Here are some simple Knowledge Base entries from our Support portal that do just that:

Does Nexus Pro Support Ant + Ivy Builds? Yes it does.

Java developers adapting an existing Ant build to dependency management often turn to Ivy. Here’s an evaluation guide for Nexus Professional using two, very simple Ant+Ivy projects. If you are evaluating Nexus Professional, or if you are just looking for some sample projects that configure an Ant + Ivy build to use a repository take a look at this guide. These two projects have build.xml, ivy.xml, and ivysettings.xml files that demonstrate the simplest case of configuring an Ivy build to:

  • Download dependencies from a Nexus Repository Group with Ivy
  • Deploy an Artifact to a Nexus Snapshot Repository from Ivy
  • Staging an Artifact to a Nexus Staging Repository from Ivy

Download Nexus Professional, and then get the eval guide.

Update 2013-05: The evaluation guide has been updated and is now available in HTML and PDF format.

How to Publish, Consume, and Stage Artifacts to Nexus from Gradle

Last week when we published a Gradle-specific evaluation guide for Nexus Professional I failed to mention that Gradle also works well with Nexus OSS. Here are some simple Knowledge Base entries from our Support portal that put the details into how to publish and consume artifacts using Gradle and Nexus:

Introducing the Sonatype Support Portal and Knowledge Base

When we launched our Support portal as a part of our relaunch of the sonatype.org site we didn't make a big deal out of it. We didn't jump up and down and tell everyone to come and participate. Instead, we sat back and waited for Google to find us to see if the resource was going to be useful to users. Well, the results are in, without much promotion the resource is getting tens of thousands of visits a month and we're getting good feedback. So...

This month we've decided to turn on the support features of Zendesk and start directing our users to our Support Portal. Both customers and non-customers can file support requests and anyone can comment or ask questions. Have at it.