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How to Video Training: Open Source Component Management and Intelligence

As a developer I am constantly chasing new tools and enjoy learning new things. I read a lot of blog posts, tutorials and documentation. And I listen to podcasts and attend webinars as well. More and more I find that watching videos of conference and webinar presentations is great.  But even better are shorter, focused videos that give you a  chance to quickly learn something new.  

An Insider's View: Analyzing Software Supply Chains

I recently sat down for a spell with Bruce Mayhew, Director of Research and Development at Sonatype and co-author/project lead for OWASP WebGoat, to discuss his perspectives on the data revealed in this year's 2016 State of the Software Supply Chain Report. Here, he not only speaks about why the data within the report is so incredibly compelling, but also about how his team's research has come together in a way that surprises him, and might surprise you.

The 2016 State of Software Supply Chain Report

Our State of the Software Supply Chain Report has just been released.  Over the past year, we’ve amassed a great deal of data with respect to the staggering volume and variety of open source components flowing through software supply chains into development environments.  This year, we assessed behaviors across 3,000 organizations and performed deep analysis on over 25,000 applications.  

Nexus Repository 3.0: Most Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

Nexus Repository 3.0 has hit the streets and continues to spur insightful discussions on where we're headed with the platform. We recently held a one hour demonstration where we had off the chart community engagement with interactive QA. If you missed the demonstration, watch the recording here.

An Innovator’s Journey: 8 Interviews

The Innovator’s Journey to DevOps, is a series of interviews profiling individual DevOps practitioners who are transforming the way developers, IT operations, and security professionals collaborate to accelerate software innovation. These are real stories, by real people, explaining real world solutions to large scale DevOps initiatives.

Sonatype Automated Deployments with Atlassian Bitbucket Pipelines

With the release of Atlassian’s new Bitbucket Pipelines, you can now configure your project to have continuous builds performed in the cloud easily. Powered by the knowledge of Atlassian on how to run large infrastructure for tools such as Confluenceand JIRA Software, Bitbucket Pipelines brings you a simple configuration for your builds, no matter what stack your project is using. Docker containers as the foundation for the platform allow you to customize to your heart’s desire and deliver great performance for the overall system.

Why DevOps Success Requires More Than X-Ray Vision

For high performance DevOps teams wanting to achieve greater levels of velocity, a new era of superpowers is needed to design in quality from the start.  We’ve documented six superpowers your DevOps engineers can add to their arsenal today.