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Manufacturing Without a Warehouse = Development Without an Artifact Repository

February 11, 2016 By
Manfred Moser
Artifact Repository

Can you imagine a large manufacturer like Toyota, Samsung or General Electric managing all their parts without one or numerous warehouses? Probably not, because it simply would be inefficient or even impossible to manage. The same applies for manufacturing software. To avoid inefficient development practices, you need to manage all the parts involved. The warehouse for software development is called a repository manager and their are many benefits to using them.

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Continuous Delivery and Nexus

March 19, 2015 By
Derek Weeks

There are numerous examples of reference architectures available, and each of them vary in levels of detail, tools highlighted, and processes followed. Yet, there is a constant theme among the tool sets: Jenkins, Maven, Nexus, Subversion, Git, Docker, Puppet/Chef, Rundeck, and Sonar seem to show up time and again.

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Nexus 3: New Milestone Release

February 12, 2015 By
Jeff Wayman

There are those of us that like to stay on the cutting edge of technology, fiddling with the latest and greatest, even if it means the experience might be a little rough around the edges. Yes, that might mean suffering through a bunch of issues despite a warning not to install Mavericks on our main […]

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Introduction to Nexus Professional webinar this week

May 5, 2010 By

Sonatype produces a series of monthly webinars focusing on product features and best practices.  Learn about Sonatype products from the industry-leading experts who helped create them.  All of our webinars are free to attend, but registration is required. Our next webinar gives an introduction to the features of Nexus Professional that focus on staging.  Staged […]

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