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Should your devops pipeline consider component intelligence?

October 31, 2013 By
Manfred Moser

In the Nexus Live event John Nagro and Tom McLaughlin from HubSpot detailed how they are using
Nexus as a repository for their development and release components. They
found that they need to be able to quickly create another virtual
machine as part of their build infrastructure to react to changes in
datacenter locations and other parameters.

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Atlanta DevOps Days Recap: Next Up NYC, Vancouver & Portland

October 17, 2013 By
Derek Weeks

We have been participating in the devopsdays events by presenting an ignite talk on how DevOps need to be aligned with how applications are constructed today – with open source components. The ignite presentation style is really interesting – you have 5 minutes to present 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. I started […]

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Agile, Component Development & DevOps – A Natural Match

September 23, 2013 By
Derek Weeks

Can you think of a technology concept that is more hyped than DevOps? We’ve moved past cloud & virtualization, and while not as hyped as Big Data or mobile, everyone on the development and operations side is talking about DevOps, not to mention DevOpsSec.  Using several blog posts, I’m going to layout the vision for […]

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Move Left and Be More Secure

September 16, 2013 By
Jessica Dodson

Author Attribution: This post was written by a guest blogger: Mark Miller, Founder and Curator of Trusted Software Alliance. In a “50-in-50” interview on the Trusted Software Alliance site, Gary McGraw talked about the concept of ‘moving left’, or ‘shifting left’ when it comes to application security in the software life cycle. Traditional development leaves […]

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A Brief and Incomplete History of DevOps

July 29, 2013 By
Jessica Dodson

The use of DevOps methodology and a structured process for integrating security into the development process is becoming more prevalent as large enterprises are seeing the benefits of a strategic alliance between development teams and operations. Instead of throwing the pig over the fence and hoping it turns into bacon by the time it touches […]

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Don’t Do it Wrong: Put that Puppet in a Box and Use Nexus for Devops

September 20, 2012 By
Tim O'Brien

Companies all over the place are trying to convert existing deployment scripts over to automated systems like Puppet and Chef. Many of the systems I’ve seen in the past few months have very complex codebases, builds that take 40 minutes to execute, and deployments that span hundreds of VM instances on public clouds like Amazon […]

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