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Legal at DevOps Speed

April 7, 2015 By
Derek Weeks
legal risks

Paul is not part of our development team, he doesn’t want to be, and he certainly does not slow them down. But with that said, Paul knows how to work at DevOps speed. He knows legal reviews need to happen at the speed of development on every component, every build, and every release. How much time does Paul spend reviewing open source and third-party software components in the software we are building? Almost none. Yup. That is because we have automated him.

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Why Nexus Moved to the Affero General Public License

January 4, 2011 By
Wayne Jackson

When Sonatype originally chose the GPL license for Nexus, our goal was to provide an innovative OSS repository management technology to the community while also allowing Sonatype to grow a commercial product (Nexus Professional) by adding enterprise features on top of an open source core. At that time, Sonatype decided to use the GPL license […]

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