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Maven 3: The Future of Enterprise Java Build Infrastructure

May 5, 2011 By

The Maven 3: The Future of Enterprise Java Build Infrastructure presentation is now available for viewing. This presentation was given at EclipseCon 2011 by Sonatype founder Jason van Zyl. More on this presentation: Maven 3 is the best version of Maven yet. Maven 3 is faster, has been optimized for IDE use, and is fully […]

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Nexus 1.9 – Performance, Compatibility, and Dependency Browsing

April 14, 2011 By
Brian Fox

Sonatype has released the latest version of our industry leading repository manager – Nexus 1.9.1 This post outlines some of the new features available in all 1.9 releases of both Nexus Professional and Nexus Open Source. This release has a lot of important, under-the-hood changes – including a number of changes to the core infrastructure of […]

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Configuring Plugin Goals in Maven 3

March 4, 2011 By
Bentmann Benjamin

In Maven 3.0.3, we introduced some improvements to the way plugin goals can be configured. This post summarizes these improvements and gives some examples of how Maven plugin configuration has been enhanced. We’ve focused on making improvements that will reduce the friction of plugin configuration for both plugin developers and Maven end-users. First, a general […]

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Listen to Brian Fox discuss Maven 3 on BasementCoders.com

August 3, 2010 By
Tim O'Brien

Craig Tataryn of BasementCoders.com interviewed Brian Fox about the upcoming release of Maven 3. From Basementcoders.com: “With the Maven 3 betas being out and packing a tonne of cool features we decided that we needed to sit down and talk with someone in the know. Enter Brian Fox, PMC Chair Apache Maven and VP of […]

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The Future of Maven

March 19, 2010 By

JAXenter talked to Sonatype’s Jason van Zyl about the future of Maven, and what users can expect when migrating from Maven 2 to Maven 3.  In this interview, van Zyl and Sonatype’s Brian Fox outline Maven 3, it’s backward compatibility with Maven 2, the introduction of POM mixins, and repository management with Nexus. The primary […]

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Maven 3 Presentation at Devnexus 2010 in Atlanta

February 26, 2010 By

Devnexus 2010 is the annual Professional Developer Conference, and is being held in Atlanta on March 8 and 9.  Sonatype’s Jason van Zyl will be in Atlanta on March 8 to give a presentation on Maven 3 and Next Generation Development Infrastructure.  The presentation will cover the future of Maven, Maven 3, the release of […]

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