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Sonatype Nexus Security Advisory

January 16, 2014 By
Brian Fox
Security Advisory

Sonatype Nexus Security Advisory Date: January 14, 2014 Affected Versions: Nexus OSS/Pro versions prior to and including 2.7.0-06 Summary: A critical security vulnerability has been discovered by Sonatype in Nexus requiring immediate action. The vulnerability makes use of an execution path in an open source library that we have now (with the available patch) added […]

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Nexus 2.1 Now Available, Go Get It

August 7, 2012 By
Tim O'Brien

This is a big release. We’re announcing the immediate availability of Nexus 2.1, the first minor version update since the Nexus 2.0 release earlier this year. This simultaneous release of both Nexus Open Source and Nexus Professional caps off months of effort to implement two major features in Nexus Professional: User Tokens – Developers who […]

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Video: Multi-master configuration for Nexus

July 5, 2011 By

Some questions about syncing Maven repositories between two sites were recently asked on GetSatisfaction.com. “We will be moving data centers and want to setup another Maven2 repo that is managed with Nexus OSS. We want both repositories to be online and read\writeable until we migrate all our environments to the new site. I have a […]

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