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Nexus OSS Meets NuGet

September 29, 2014 By
Manfred Moser
Nuget Homepage

The NuGet package manager has become the standard for developing software on the Microsoft platform which includes.NET and the NuGet Gallery that has emerged as a large public open source package repository. Sonatype Nexus, on the other hand, is the standard repository or component manager software running on servers from small open source projects and teams to multi-national Fortune 500 companies.

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Nexus 3.0 Technology Preview (Milestone 1 Release)

September 4, 2014 By
Brian Fox
Nexus Milestone Release 1

The Nexus development team at Sonatype is pleased to announce the release of the first milestone build (M1) of Nexus 3. This release is a technology preview covering the open source version, Nexus OSS, focused specifically on the new user interface. Nexus Pro will be covered in the upcoming M2 release.

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Sonatype Nexus Security Advisory

January 16, 2014 By
Brian Fox
Security Advisory

Sonatype Nexus Security Advisory Date: January 14, 2014 Affected Versions: Nexus OSS/Pro versions prior to and including 2.7.0-06 Summary: A critical security vulnerability has been discovered by Sonatype in Nexus requiring immediate action. The vulnerability makes use of an execution path in an open source library that we have now (with the available patch) added […]

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Nexus Professional 2.0.5 Released: It’s Easier to Evaluate Awesomeness

June 6, 2012 By
Tim O'Brien

Nexus Pro has enhanced search capabilities that make it easy to identify which components are popular versus which components you might want to avoid. With Nexus Pro you can track your exposure to security vulnerabilities and licensing issues. With Nexus Pro you gain control over your releases so you can place release candidate binaries in […]

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Nexus Gets a Stop Button

August 25, 2011 By
Terry Bernstein

We’ve enhanced the leading repository manager to help you develop better software faster.  Nexus 1.9.2, recently released, adds a number of new features. Stop Running Tasks You can stop running processes immediately and no longer have to wait for them to complete.  This is quite useful for recovering from high load situations.  Stopping a running […]

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Nexus 1.7.2 Now Available with Improved Search Interface

August 17, 2010 By
Brian Fox

The Nexus 1.7.2 release offers an improved search interface making it even easier to locate the libraries and artifacts you need in Nexus.  Sonatype has published a version of Nexus 1.7.2 on http://repository.sonatype.org which contains some dramatic improvements to the search interface.   Download the new Nexus Open Source or Nexus Professional release and start […]

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Multi-level Staging and Build Promotion with Nexus Pro 1.7

July 12, 2010 By
Brian Fox

With the 1.7.1 release Nexus Professional now supports multi-level staging and build promotion.   With our existing staging plugin, you can release build artifacts to a temporary staging repository to allow for testing and certification before making a final decision to release artifacts to a hosted repository.   With multi-level staging, you can add additional steps to […]

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