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Hackers’ New Superweapon Adds Firepower To DDoS Attacks

October 24, 2012 By
The Vigilant Application Owner

Government Computer News – (International) Hackers’ new superweapon adds firepower to DDoS attacks. Hackers now have access to what is dubbed the High Orbit Ion Cannon (HOIC). HOIC is a free-to-download, open-source program that can turn any user of any skill level into a powerful hacker, at least in – 18 – terms of a […]

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Nexus 2.1.2 Update Available Now: Minor Features and Fixes for both OSS and Pro

August 21, 2012 By
Tim O'Brien

We’ve cut another Nexus release: version 2.1.2 of both OSS and Pro contains several minor bug fixes. To download the newest version of Nexus Professional 2.1.2, click here. To download the newest version of Nexus Open Source 2.1.2, click here. Here is a list of fixes in version 2.1.2 for Nexus Open Source: look at […]

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Insight Application Health Check: Scan Your Application for Security and Licensing Issues in Minutes

July 25, 2012 By

We’re releasing a product today that is something of a break from our other products: Nexus Professional, Insight for CI. First, it’s a service that anyone can use, it isn’t aimed at developers who use Maven or Nexus or any build tool whatsoever. Second, there’s no download or setup process for this product that takes […]

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SeaMonkey 2.10 Released, Closes Security Holes

June 7, 2012 By
The Vigilant Application Owner

H Security – (International) SeaMonkey 2.10 released, closes security holes. Mozilla’s SeaMonkey Project announced the release of version 2.10 of its open source “all-in-one Internet application suite.” The new version of SeaMonkey closes seven security holes, four of which are rated as critical. These include a buffer overflow and use-after-free issues, as well as a […]

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Apache Details OpenOffice 3.4 Security Fixes

May 17, 2012 By
The Vigilant Application Owner

H Security – (International) Apache details OpenOffice 3.4 security fixes. Following the release of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0 the week of May 7, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) detailed the security fixes included in the new version of the open source productivity suite. According to the ASF, the first stable release of OpenOffice under its governance […]

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How does Insight handle conflicting OSS licenses?

May 16, 2012 By
Mike Hansen

As we’ve been busy building out the Insight product line we’ve spent significant time considering the issues associated with “conflicting” and “invalid” licenses — licenses which upon consumption preclude further redistribution without being in violation of the licensing terms.  Conflicting (or incompatible) licenses are problematic for development organizations using open source software as there is […]

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Last Chance To Register! Webinar: Why We Need To Care About OSS Security Now

April 11, 2012 By
Emily Blades

Join Jason van Zyl for 30 minutes tomorrow, April 12 at 11:00AM EDT (GMT-0400), when he will share findings from an independent and comprehensive security review of the 31 most commonly used open source components. Jason will also share his thoughts on how we can build a healthier open source ecosystem. If you register, you’ll […]

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