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A Brief and Incomplete History of DevOps

July 29, 2013 By
Jessica Dodson

The use of DevOps methodology and a structured process for integrating security into the development process is becoming more prevalent as large enterprises are seeing the benefits of a strategic alliance between development teams and operations. Instead of throwing the pig over the fence and hoping it turns into bacon by the time it touches […]

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How to Back Up Nexus Configuration and Repository Artifacts

January 25, 2010 By
Juven Xu

If you recently installed Nexus and have started using it to support internal development and collaboration, you will likely want to know how to configure backups to capture your configuration files and repository data.   Any system as central to your development effort as a repository manager needs to be backed up on a daily basis.   […]

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Installing Nexus on a Solaris Zone

March 12, 2009 By
Brian Fox

I recently setup a Nexus Pro instance on a Solaris zone for Apache. The ASF infra team requests documentation for any production instance to assist in maintenance down the road. I captured every step of the process from setting up the users, installing Nexus, hooking it into SMF (Solaris’s inet.d replacement), to configuring mod_proxy and […]

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