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Replace plain text username and password with a user token – The Nexus 2 Minute Challenge

June 2, 2014 By
Mark Miller
The Nexus 2 Minute Challenge

In this segment of the Nexus 2 Minute Challenge,  we’re going to look at the Nexus User Token feature. The user token relates to the username and password that is used to connect to Nexus. In this  example, there is a Maven .xml file  where the username and password is in clear text.  This is […]

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Infrastructure Anti-pattern: Death by a Thousand Passwords

December 20, 2010 By
Tim O'Brien

I’ve had the opportunity to see many development environments: from the mature organization with tens of thousands of developers that can afford to spend millions on dedicated infrastructure teams, to the three person start-up lacking something as simple as source control.  This series of posts discusses some of the common anti-patterns in development infrastructure that […]

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