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Nexus Reaches 50,000

February 27, 2015 By
Derek Weeks
5 times the number of repos

Active Nexus instances have grown 100% within the past 18 months. Just awesome. And, YOU, our user community made it happen. As of today, we surpassed the milestone of 50,000 active Nexus installs! Thank you.

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Nexus 3: New Milestone Release

February 12, 2015 By
Jeff Wayman

There are those of us that like to stay on the cutting edge of technology, fiddling with the latest and greatest, even if it means the experience might be a little rough around the edges. Yes, that might mean suffering through a bunch of issues despite a warning not to install Mavericks on our main […]

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Nexus OSS Meets NuGet

September 29, 2014 By
Manfred Moser
Nuget Homepage

The NuGet package manager has become the standard for developing software on the Microsoft platform which includes.NET and the NuGet Gallery that has emerged as a large public open source package repository. Sonatype Nexus, on the other hand, is the standard repository or component manager software running on servers from small open source projects and teams to multi-national Fortune 500 companies.

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Nexus holds the top market share, the data speaks for itself

June 26, 2014 By
Manfred Moser
Nexus Captures Top Market Share

RebelLabs recently put out their Java Tools and Technologies Landscape report and we were very pleased to see Nexus chosen as the repository manager of choice by 64% of developers. We saw this same preference carry over in our own recent Open Source Development survey, where 49% of respondents indicated they used Nexus as their local component repository manager. Which brought us to analyze these market trends further .By digging into the log data from the Central Repository, we were able to capture more compelling proof that indeed, Nexus holds a significant portion of the repository manager marketplace and for good reason.

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What Enterprise Architects and Time Travelers have in Common

September 21, 2012 By
Tim O'Brien

Note: This post was inspired by Manfred’s post “You don’t do repository driven development? Where have you been?”. It immediately made me think of Star Trek… When I roll up to a new client in desperate need of build help, there’s always a chance I’ll have a “Scotty moment” – a moment when I pick […]

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Securing Repository Credentials with Nexus Pro User Tokens

August 8, 2012 By
Tim O'Brien

Until yesterday I had a Maven Settings file in ~/.m2/settings.xml that contained following XML: <server> <id>central</id> <username>tobrien</username> <password>ch1c@g0r00lz</password> </server> Silly, right? The only way to authenticate against Nexus was to drop my plaintext username and password in my Settings file, for anyone who gained access to my laptop to see. I’ve never been too happy […]

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