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JAXenter interview with Matthew McCullough

June 17, 2010 By

Matthew McCullough, a member of the Sonatype training team and lead presenter with Ambient Ideas, was recently at JAX 2010 in Mainz. Matthew is an international Java conference speaker, and is an active Maven community member, and an active contributor to many open source, and several Maven-specific projects, such as the Maven 2 CLI Plugin. […]

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Amazon's AWS Powers Sonatype's On-demand Training Infrastructure

April 9, 2010 By
Matthew McCullough

Sonatype uses the Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud, better known as EC2, for all our training lab machines. Most of our students use a training workstation for 3-4 hours per class, and since we often have bursts of custom training activity it just wouldn’t make sense for us to own real, physical hardware to […]

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Chariot Solutions becomes Sonatype Certified Training Partner

April 7, 2010 By

Chariot Solutions, a leading technology consulting firm specializing in software development with Java and open source, is now a Sonatype Certified Training Partner.  Sonatype chose Chariot Solutions as a partner because of their deep understanding of Java training. We are excited to have Chariot Solutions as a Certified Training partner…Organizations can rely on Chariot Solutions […]

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Understanding Maven: Sonatype's Training Classes

October 15, 2009 By
Tim O'Brien

After teaching a number of Sonatype’s Maven training courses, I’ve come away with an appreciation for how much knowledge attendees bring to the table and how it can affect the class. I wanted to take some time to talk about each class: Who are these classes designed for? What do they have to offer the […]

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Online Maven and Nexus Training Now Available from Sonatype

July 20, 2009 By

Sonatype – the Maven Company – is the best source for learning about efficient infrastructure for your software development teams. Starting this week, it is easier than ever to get started. Sonatype now offers online training courses. No need to book a flight, hotel, or car: all it takes is a high-speed internet connection and […]

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