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Book Update: Repository Management with Nexus

With the recent release of Nexus 2.8, we've updated the online documentation, Repository Management with Nexus (2.8). The most recent addition to the documentation has been the inclusion of a comprehensive search. For a book this size, this is an essential resource for finding what you need.

"Maven: The Complete Reference" Now Available as an epub

Sonatype is pleased to announce the availability of our most popular book, Maven: The Complete Reference, as an epub. Click here access the book and start reading this book on a mobile device.

Maven by Example now available as an ePub

We've received a steady stream of requests to release "Maven by Example" and "Maven: The Complete Reference" in the ePub format. Today, we're announcing the availability of Maven by Example as an ePub. Download Maven by Example today and start learning about Maven.

Beta Version of Nexus Book ePub Now Available

We've published an initial, beta version of an ePub book for Nexus. To download it, go to the Nexus Book website, and click on the ePub download link. After filling out a simple registration form, you will receive an email pointing you to the download.

Nexus Book Update: Nexus 1.5 Content and Community-driven Corrections

The latest edition of Repository Management with Nexus, Edition 2.1, has been released. This edition includes new content about Nexus 1.5.0 Open Source and Enterprise LDAP. Edition 2.1 also contains almost 100 corrections which were driven by the community.

Update to Maven Complete Reference: Flexmojos and Android (Edition 0.4)

The latest edition of Maven: The Complete Reference, Edition 0.4, has been released. This edition updates the Flexmojos chapter to the latest FlexMojos 3.5.0 release and refreshes information about Flexmojos archetypes. We added an initial version of a chapter by Manfred Moser that walks through the process of using Maven to build Android applications. In addition to that we fixed some minor issues throughout the book that had been reported by the community.

A full list of changes in Edition 0.4:

Frankel's Review of Maven: The Complete Reference

Nicolas Frankel wrote a quick review of Maven: The Complete Reference, and it is positive. Here is his conclusion:

This book is top quality and free: what can I say? If you’re a beginner in Maven, you’ll find a real stable base to learn from. If you need to update your knowledge, you will find a wealth of information. If you’re a Maven guru, please contribute to the Assembly plugin’s chapter. I can only give a warm thank you for Sonatype’s effort for giving this quality book to the community.

To read the entire review, click here.