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Container Considerations on Your DevOps Journey

Containers are things for your things. That is true in the development world too - containers are things for your software, and, like containers for your things, software containers can help you be organized, efficient, and secure.

Chris Morgan (@cmorgan_cloud), the Technical Director, OpenShift Partner Ecosystem at Red Hat, delivered a keynote at the 2016 All Day DevOps conference. Chris lives and breathes containers and recently discussed how they are transforming DevOps pipelines.

Nexus Open Source and Hudson on EC2

If you are interested in running Nexus and Hudson on Amazon's Elastic Computing (EC2) service, there is now a public image that contains Maven, Nexus, Hudson, and the OpenJDK. If you use Amazon's easy-to-use AWS Console, running a state-of-the-art build service with Nexus and Hudson is one click away. Here are the details for those of you interested in running Nexus and Hudson on the cloud:

Launch it. In minutes, you will have a capable build server. Read more to find out about some suggested next steps to secure your new build server.